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  • Bizarrerie Hunter
  • Huskies Jigsaw
  • Mr. Shroom
  • Cycle Accident
  • Flash Mob Jigsaw
  • Junk Monster
  • Metal Cage Ball Slider
  • Gator Duck Hunt
  • Fruit Basket Hidden Numbers
  • Jelly Donuts

  • Five O’Clock Tea
  • Dark Dirt Bike
  • Pooltrouble
  • Angry Sheep
  • Pirate Lolita
  • Let the Bullet Fly 3
  • Buddhist Monks Jigsaw
  • Mayan Jungle Slots
  • Blox Flipp Flopp
  • Strafe WW2 Western Front
Assume that you moved to a new location. As it is a new location and felt bored and so you have decided have a walk. While you were walking, you lost your path and got trapped in a colony. So use your skill to collect the necessary itemsrnto escape from the colony. Try to escape from here! Good luckā€¦Have fun!!