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  • Frenzy Clinic
  • Cruisin
  • Gator Eat Duck
  • Jelly Hop
  • Exotic Hot Brownie
  • Gorgon Dress-up
  • Rotation Experiment
  • Damig War
  • Tanks in Action Jigsaw
  • Princess Dress Up

  • Zopt Dress Up
  • Halloween Ride
  • Cycle Race
  • Escaping Ben
  • Click Jump Level Pack
  • Cute Heart Cake
  • Attack of the Giant Llamas
  • Monsterland 3. Junior Returns
  • Skiing Beauty
  • I Need Water
Grab the orbs in order and get back to the door, but be careful not to step too many times in a block you'll need. Each time you step on a block its number decreases, if it reaches 0 it will fall.