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  • Bebe Gizmo Rush
  • Washington Pizza
  • Zombie Bros
  • Bouncing Beaker
  • Chocolate cupcake maker
  • Lahar the Magma Ball
  • Jumpt To Sky
  • Jungle car-hunt
  • Seattle Jigsaw
  • Sindy Tangrams

  • Terrene Escape
  • World’s Greatest Temples Mahjong
  • Circus Animals
  • Red’n’Green 2
  • March Cover Girl
  • High School Nerd
  • Extreme Mountain Biking
  • Abe Clone Wars
  • Optical Tracer
  • Artillery Toys
Play as the little creature and try to make your way through the various levels! Grab a color to change the environment and try to puzzle your way to the next pipe. Can you achieve the highest score?