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Shoot and dodge like a maniac in the conclusion to the ASCIIvader Trilogy! You’ll have four types of enemies to fight, plus a terrifying boss, so make sure you take advantage of the upgrades!rnrnNote: You’ll probably die numerous times, don’t let it get you down! Replay previous levels or keep collecting money (the @s) to upgrade your stats and that, along with your improving skill, will get you through!rnrnNormal Mode Controls: WASD or arrows move, shooting is automatic (once you upgrade to be able to shoot). You can pause with ESC/SPACE or E, and that’s it!rnrnOne-Button Survival Controls: Space changes your direction in a clockwise manner (if you’re moving right, you’ll go down; if you’re going down, you’ll start moving left; etc). There is no shooting, just survive as long as you can, like in the first two games!