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  • Beautiful Chef Dressup
  • Plum Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Dangerous Drifting
  • Sweet Baby Bathing
  • Forest Run
  • Black Horse Puzzle
  • Street Pool
  • Spwars
  • Ekobasket
  • Bank Car Escort

  • Angel in Labyrinth
  • Cursed Museum
  • Drifters
  • Aeolus Shift
  • TowerTris
  • Military Hummer Jigsaw
  • Buck Creek State Park
  • Red Pepper Fritatta
  • Freak o’ Lantern
  • One Sheep Wonders
Another more Mini series of Me, Wake Up! series.
As usual in the morning, a bear is late to wake up because he was confused whether to eat broccoli or not. Help him to wake up from his dream which is inside broccoli world.

Use mouse to do interaction for different events like picking, opening, combining, etc.More instructions are provided in-game.

Click the "?" button in left top corner for Walkthrought/ Hint.