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Hi girls, meet Anita a cheerful, smart, and lovely lady! This morning, Anita just got a pleasant surprise at her workplace.

Because of her diligence and dedication, the company rewarded her with plane tickets to enjoy a long holiday in three famous beaches, an elite Antigua Island of Carribean, the elegant and mesmerizing Miami beach, and an exotic island of Bali, Indonesia.

Wow, her dream comes true, those are like her favourite places since forever. She can't wait to go to there and enjoy her beautiful trip. In this girls games, help Anita to pack her things up.

She has cupboard full of dresses, trousers, pants, handbags, glasses, and many other things. You can help to mix-match and make her look gorgeous.

The best part is you can follow Anita to her dream places! Take many photos of her and make the memories everlasting. Don't miss this awesome girls games!