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  • Grey Olltwit’s Simon Game
  • Nelson Dewey State Park Jigsaw
  • Hidden in the Theater
  • World Biker
  • Umbrellas Hidden Images
  • Cheese Hunt
  • Material Mole
  • Super Splash Cannon
  • Math Defender
  • CDE Burger Shop

  • Monster Constructor
  • Acool Snooker fun
  • Shameless Clone 2 player
  • Fruit Snatcher
  • Ninja Save Father
  • Let me Run
  • Sudoku Sushi
  • Me, Wake Up! : The Road
  • Happy Easter Eggs
  • Vampire Lovers
Play Monster Troubles by matching two or more of the same kind monsters, As time goes on you will meet new monsters and have to be faster at matching them to get Highscore.