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  • Sota: Level Pack A
  • Collapse It 2
  • Beef and oyster sauce
  • California Jigsaw
  • Christmas Link Mahjong
  • Crossnumbers – vol 1
  • Baseball Baboon
  • Wildcat Mountain State Park Jigsaw
  • Junk Monster
  • Hot Funge Ice Cream

  • Strawberry Cake decoration
  • Yacht Party
  • Nascar Pit Slider
  • Dragon Fight
  • Tropical Jungle Escape
  • Snazzy Tennis!
  • Blocks Crusher
  • Boiled trout with summer truffle sauce
  • Warner Wars
  • Katy In Christmas
Hedgehogs are angry, so angry you can make them explode just by clicking them! Use explosion waves from hedgehogs to move other hedgehogs. Five needles from a hedgehog is enough to make the apples go boom!