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  • The Great Robbery
  • Nascar Parking
  • DevoteOfLOve
  • Save My Garden
  • Candy Cake
  • Mirrored Love
  • Pull Apart Turtle Cupcakes
  • The Magic Squirrel
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich

  • Wild King
  • Industrial Truck Racing
  • Bip the Caveboy 2
  • Jungle Rush 2
  • Alien Pop the planet
  • Spring Challenge
  • Hidden Beads
  • Pimp My Bus
  • Keep the Race Pure
  • Macaroni And Cheese
28 exciting, dynamic physics-based puzzle-levels with comic style graphics, dynamite explosions and funny zombie characters..

By blowing up all the buildings on the level with dynamite, you destroy all the zombies with the help of different traps. If you get stuck check the walkthrough for help.