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  • West Train
  • Bunny Boy
  • Architecture Collage Slider
  • Opposite Arrows
  • Butterfly Smart Hits
  • Crazy Cupcakes Shootout
  • Cooking Apple Pie Decoration
  • Cemetery at night
  • Koala Koala: The Wizard Handyman
  • SL Wild West 3D Pinball

  • Heavenly Baby Care
  • With Alice On Everest
  • Bird House Decor
  • Ice Racer 2
  • Oppa CaiShen Style
  • Click To Fly
  • Galactic Nail Art
  • Mr. Shroom
  • Symbiosis: Greenland
  • Trendy Spa
Collect the object of similar type by placing the mouse over them. Place the collected object in their required box and animals to complete the levels. Do not collide with other object or else they may collapse on the stage.