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I believe we all know and love the beautiful Victoria Justice. She is a famous actress and has achieve so much already despite her young age. She has stared in her own TV show and you have probably seen her in a lot of commercials too. She is also a talented singer and has released a new album this year, you should check it out. You can tell that she has been a model by the way she dresses and looks. She is an inspiration to all young actresses,singers and models. Today she is making an appearance at the famous Lake Walk Pub to promote her new movie. It's kind of a big deal to hear because she might win an academy award for her role and the Lake Walk Pub is a place that is always fulled of stars, critics, producers..and of course paparazzi. She needs some help to get ready because she doesn't know what to wear for this occasion. Luckily for her she has you..her trusty fashion advisor and she trusts your fashion expertise and taste. Dress up Victoria in a very stylish way and try to show off her beauty. Pick a classy outfit but not to fancy and make sure she looks stunning for her big night. With your help she will make the first page of the fashion magazine's "best dressed" column for sure. Have fun!