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  • Another Planet 2
  • Kids Bus Kiss
  • Rummy
  • Phantom Warplane
  • Get the weight
  • Color The Town
  • Two Bears in a Barrel
  • Icestar & Firestar One Hundred Layer
  • Max Damage 3
  • Animals vs Aliens

  • The Little Who
  • Candy Yummer
  • Summer time Ping Pong
  • Christmas House Decorating
  • Bicycle Axle Slider
  • Gem Blocks
  • Football Manager
  • Field Forces
  • Christmas Season Puzzle
  • Touch The Sky
Oh no! Not another stolen girlfriend. Injustice must be stopped! Are you brave and smart enough to help Steve run, jump, bounce, float and block his way back into his loved ones arms?

Featuring a unique block placing skill that puts a puzzle spin on classic platforming fun. You will be challenged by devious puzzles in a physics based world.