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  • Thanksgiving Cruise Party
  • Dark Dirt Bike
  • Zombie Die Hard 2
  • Jigsaw: Little hostess
  • Kuizi ”Veprat letrare”
  • Katy and Karl First Kiss
  • American Ninja Gold Match
  • Mystery Skating Dance
  • Ginger Bread Christmas Tree
  • Secret Double Klondike

  • Morning Sandwich Decoration
  • Epic Stack
  • Gun Town
  • Coastal Cannon
  • Happy Bees!
  • Garden Hidden Numbers
  • Kristen Stewart Beauty Secrets
  • Lady Battle
  • Lumber Truck
  • Superpower

Use the ARROW keys or WASD to move.  SPACEBAR to shoot and possess enemies as a ghost.  Use the B key to buy towers and the V key to leave your current body.