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  • Beaver Blocks Level Pack
  • Zombie Asylum
  • Traces of a centaur
  • Grumpy Cat
  • Falling Elephants
  • Ural Truck
  • CraZ Outbreak
  • Night Party Dress Up
  • Mr. Shroom
  • SearchQuest

  • Digital Bubbles Slider
  • Exploding Balloons
  • Pro BMX Challenge
  • Brainless Zombie
  • Stunt Challenge
  • Cut the Monster
  • Brindaavanam
  • Searching for the Elephant
  • Burning Path
  • 2D World
You are the rightful hand of law, order and life itself! As a police officer in this zombified world, your assignment is to get rid of all zombies on sight. Prepare your lethal motorbike to hunt down these despicable creatures and squash them into tiny little pieces! Collect magic skulls to refill your fuel tank and earn upgrade points. Have fun!rnrnZ,X or Left,Right Arrow keys or Mouse to steer and Mouse left click or Space bar to use special ability.rn