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  • Midnight Zombie Shooter 1.0
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  • Snake: A new challenge
  • Bush Fire Field
  • Cloth Rotation
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  • Express Train
  • Pops Frenzy
  • SmilePin
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  • Retro Chevy Slider
  • Battle Epsilon
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  • Buddha Jigsaw
  • Curse Run
  • Animal Closeups Jigsaw
  • Fashion Studio – Pyjama Design
  • Daggietrail
  • Find The Heroes World – Bath
  • Last Match: Multiplayer Online
This game contains:rn-1 Cup of Action-Packed Original Gameplay.rn-3 Teaspoons of Musical Epicness.rn-1 Ounce of Children's Book Art Style.rn-15 Levels of Pure Fun.rn-1 Paper Kid.rn-1 Blue Flying Turtle.rn-Assorted Mixable Power-Ups.rn-A Bunch of Enemies.rn-5 Pounds of Boss Fights.rnrnScreenShots:rnWild King 1rnrnWild King 2rnrnWild King 3rnrnWild King 4rnrnWild King 5rnrnWild King 6