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  • Demi Lovato dressing up
  • Secret Double Klondike
  • Pimp My Boat
  • Lost in the Forest
  • Noughts and Crosses (Tic Tac Toe)
  • Combat Shooter 3D
  • Ice Cream Pie
  • Rider Of The Year
  • The Worm
  • Sea Rescue

  • Jessy on Palm Beach
  • Shuffle Time 2
  • Monster Truck In Space
  • August Cover Girl
  • Color Blitz Retro
  • Mysterious Foggy Forest Escape
  • Laura’s Winter Wonderland
  • Snowmans. Find objects
  • Dino Basketball
  • Physics Symmetry 3

To move Granny use the arrow keys. To make her jump press the Shift key. Eat cabbages to build up Granny's gas level as she has no real weapons except her wits and her rather unpleasant flatulence problem which is lethal to the zombies. To release the gas build up press the F key on your keyboard.