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Prince William and the duchess have a beautiful baby but in this new doctor game you will not be seeing him for pleasure because today you are his doctor and you need to take care of the issue. This is an ear doctor game so hopefully you know what you are doing because there are quite a few delicate things you need to do. You have to have a steady hand in this baby doctor game so nothing bad will happen, but if you manage to follow the instructions and be careful, the result will be one happy royal couple and one healthy baby. Make sure you will use the tools that you have at hand because they are one of the most expensive sets, but the royal family has taken care if it all because they want their kid happy and healthy. Surely you will have a fun time in this ear surgeon game especially knowing that you will have helped the royal family. They are great people if you get to know them and now that you will help their baby they will be grateful to you for the rest of their lives. Do your best to consult the baby first and this way you will identify the ear with the problem, and once you are done with the procedure, you can serve him a nice lollipop and chit chat with the parents for a while like any great doctor.