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Longing for a mind-blowing challenge? Invite a friend to play the amazing action puzzle of Super Five! Your goal in this game is to immobilize your opponent by transforming his gems into stones. When the game starts, you and your opponent will be assigned a play area. Each of the play area contains a few rows and columns of colored gems, as well as a matching area in the middle row. You can click and drag a column vertically or move the middle row horizontally so as to match the gems. When 3 or more gems of the same color are aligned in the middle row, those gems will be destroyed. Then the gems which are immediately above or below the destroyed pieces will be moved to the middle row. If you can align and destroy 5 gems of the same color in the middle row, a "SUPER" effect will occur and multiple opponent gems will be transformed into stones. Note that the stones cannot be moved over the edges of the play area or be destroyed like normal gems, but the other "SUPER" effect will be your aid when you are under attack, which help you to remove the stones which are immediately adjacent to the gems of the same color as the destroyed gems, for example, when 5 red gems are destroyed, the "SUPER" effect will take place and the stones which are immediately adjacent to the red gems outside the middle row will be removed. Since new gems will be constantly added to your play area, you need to act fast or you will lose. When your opponent's play area is completely filled or his gems have all been transformed into stones, you win. Charge into the electrifying cascade now, enjoy the endless fun of gem matching and defeat your opponent in no time!