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  • Notebook Castle Pirates
  • FishJong
  • Me and My Dad
  • Word Find
  • Me, Wake Up!: Spring
  • Defense of World UFO
  • Super Boat
  • Crusade of Undead
  • Penelope Dress Up
  • Bertie the Butcher

  • Zombie Boom
  • Frenzy Hotel 2
  • Kolobok
  • Astroback
  • Tasty Turkey Sandwich
  • Hanako
  • Birthday Party
  • Little Wit’s Travel
  • Lucky Seven Slots
  • Moonlight Monster Truck
Click at the identical unlocked tiles to delete them.
The tile is unlocked when there is no tile above and there are no tiles either to the left or to the right from it.
seasons stones match even if they are not identical.
The flower stones also match even if they are not identical:
You win when all tiles are deleted