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  • My little angel
  • Baker’s Dozen Solitaire
  • Jigsaw: Little puppy
  • Snow Maiden and Little Bear Coloring
  • Water Balloon Shooting
  • 3×3 Sudoku
  • Tank Difference
  • Pull Apart Turtle Cupcakes
  • Armored Ashura:Ultimate
  • Spring Celebration Dress Up

  • Toe Nail Wheel 2
  • Additional Challenge
  • Nails Makeover
  • Pimp My Bus
  • Jennifer Rose: Flirting Saloon
  • Gems Warfare
  • Happy Puppy
  • Smart Biker
  • Orange Ball
  • Mouse House

The items in this game are all well known in mangas and animes. Hope someone can list them all! lol!

Help our mole find the treasures and collect the stars to buy a new house. 

The game has a 360 direction gravity, which will adventure you through the different planets and inside them. The game has 42 levels, with 4 bosses and also 5 endings! There is a total of 20 treasures. Can you collect all the stars in this galaxy?! 

Use the arrows to move, and the -Space- key to dig! The -P- key pauses/ resumes the game, while the -M- key turns the music on/ off.