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  • Mouse JingLing’s World
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  • Far East Secret
  • Stickman Mafia
  • Taylor
  • Terrene Escape
  • New Apocalyptic Truck
  • Run Qambinx Run
  • Park in the Punkyard
  • Brazil Jigsaw

  • Summer Delight
  • Shrewd Boy Room Escape
  • Rio The Parrot
  • Crazy Stunts
  • Breakfast at Doli
  • Emperor of Chine Gold Match
  • go stop puzzle
  • Outdoor New Year Party
  • Planet Escape
  • Bubble kiss
Learn about the greatest cities in the world while playing through amazing Mahjong levels! Work your way through multiple game modes and countless layouts as you pick up interesting facts about London, New York and other amazing cities. Use special power-up tiles to clear the screen and master Mahjong! Take on the different game types and conquer World’s Greatest Cities Mahjong! It's a demo. If you enjoy it, you can always try the full version.