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According to popular Yeti myth, another ice age will be imminent in the near future as the humans have disturbed the nature too much. To prepare for the long winter, the last remaining tribal chief of the Yeti must risk being discovered by the humans and collect as many seeds as possible for the village, then travel to the ice cave within the time limit.rnAt each level of the game, you can control the Yeti chief by using the ←↓↑→ arrows keys on your keyboard. Pressing the ← key will slow down, while pressing the → key will speed up. When the Yeti chief comes across some obstacles, use the ↓ key to crouch, or use the ↑ key to jump. At the height of a jump, press the ↑ key again to attempt a double jump. Over the course of a level, the Yeti chief will also encounter different types of special fruit. If you can collect all 5 types, you will receive extra bonus score when the level is cleared. The types of special fruit collected and the number of seeds collected will be displayed on the top left of the screen, your current score will be shown in the middle, while the time countdown, distance traveled and your Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) will be shown at the top right corner. Help the chief reach his goal and prevent the Yeti tribe from extermination!