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  • Push Smiley Ball
  • Super Color Belt
  • Hawaii Lifestyle Dress Up
  • Pistachio icecream
  • Spank Beauty Booty
  • Urban Archer Vigilante
  • Marvelous Skyscrapers
  • Complete the Circuit
  • NodeHack
  • Braainz Zap!

  • Happy Baby
  • Winter Insomnia
  • Hidden Tableaux 5
  • Summer Holidays Surfing
  • 3D Memory: Numbers
  • Make salmon fishcakes
  • New Zealand Jigsaw
  • Kiss the Asphalt
  • Turkey Jigsaw
  • Sherry
You're the last surviving sorcerer's apprentice of Sorth, The dark lord of castle CantSayTheNameOrIHaveToDie. Whilst cleaning the library, you dropped the Book "Dark Grimoires of Sorth" to the ground and all banished creatures escaped.rnrnNow it's on you to clean up the mess.rn51 levels and six different scenes