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  • The Viking Expedition
  • Mystery IQ Test
  • Harvesting Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Gotcha
  • Blue Neon Slider
  • Pretty Cure Dress up
  • Aagy Bones
  • Boxing World Cup
  • Fireworks Party
  • Motorbike Hidden Numbers

  • Bombman Rabbit
  • Racing Guard
  • Delightful Pet Care
  • Beauty of Syria Jigsaw
  • Broken Dreams
  • Balloon Burster
  • Beautiful Sweet Bride
  • Coffee Beans Slider
  • Field Forces
  • Fishy Underwater Adventures
You're the last surviving sorcerer's apprentice of Sorth, The dark lord of castle CantSayTheNameOrIHaveToDie. Whilst cleaning the library, you dropped the Book "Dark Grimoires of Sorth" to the ground and all banished creatures escaped.rnrnNow it's on you to clean up the mess.rn51 levels and six different scenes