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  • Dino Attack
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  • Crossnumbers – vol 2
  • The Snowy Day
  • Annual Glamour Prom Dress Up
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  • Underwater Creatures Jigsaw Puzzle
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  • Make salmon fishcakes
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  • Sëmundjet infektive – Pjesa e tretë
  • The Beautiful Melody Lovely Dress
  • Decorate Your Feet
  • Multi Door Escape 2
  • Street Biker
  • Awesome American Muscle Car
Do you know Brenda? She is a fabulous stylist and today she will teach you how to dress up for different events. If you want to go out with your girl friends you should consider to combine the casual with elegance. Brenda will show you how to be comfy but chic. Try different outfits on Brenda and choose the one you like the most. Transform a random boring day into a glamorous one. Feel pretty in your clothes!!