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  • Undead Invasion
  • Black Wedding
  • Motocross Drifter
  • Dentist Defense
  • Marvelous Skyscrapers
  • Doodle Rolll
  • Deep Hunter
  • Fan Girl Dress Up
  • Gator Eat Duck
  • PresidentPunch

  • Hidden in Wonderland
  • Robot Phone Home
  • Lumber Truck
  • Old Cars Mirror
  • Barbie Dress New Style
  • Lucky Toy Pop
  • Anatomia e këmbës – Pjesa e parë
  • Gift Corner
  • Pirate War
  • Beavus
Amy is going Bangkok to meet her boyfriend, after a long period of separation, as he is working there and she wanted to dress up like a tradition Bangkok girl so her boyfriend would like her.