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  • Bouncy Bird
  • Casino 21 Points
  • Ocean Puzzle
  • Pizza Corner
  • Monalisa’sDefense
  • Meena Get Back My Vehicle Game
  • Vampire meets the Halloween Ghosts
  • Reap Fruits
  • Heli General
  • DM Quiz: Which Grammy Nominated Artist Are You?

  • Madeline Hatter
  • The Cop Jazz Hour
  • Pumpkin Hat
  • Falling ABC
  • The Brain Eaters
  • SuperTank
  • Slide Puzzle Castles
  • Water Cooler Idle
  • Butterflies Hidden Images
  • Me, Wake Up! Mini: Spicy
Various castles in the kingdom are being attacked by numerous vicious creatues! Set out a strategic plan and decide which of your allies should fight the enemy. Can you complete the 21 challenging bonus-missions?