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  • Golden Intuition
  • Bertie the Butcher
  • Bear Killer
  • The Jars I
  • Where’re My Bunnies?
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  • Vampire Horror Escape
  • Fancy up My Luxury Car
  • Snake Spurt
  • Math Defender

  • Marvelous Skyscrapers
  • Fried Chicken Wings
  • Animal Bubble
  • fighter planes
  • Candy Corn
  • Ice Ball Fire Ball
  • Orange Ball
  • Takeaway Burgers
  • Party Facials
  • South Pole Penguin Slaps
Dan is the in charge of ten beautiful villages. Dan is very happy with the village people because they are very kind and generous. Dan always visits the village people to ask their requirement and fulfils the needs of the people immediately without taking too much of time. Each village people organised a royal banquet and invited Dan. But few enemies were not happy with Dan’s work so they burnt few houses in each village, due to heavy wind the fire rapidly spread throughout the village. The only option available to put off the fire is to use the cannon and fire the water ball over the burning chimney of the houses. Now Dan is the only one who can save the villages. Help Dan to shoot the water balls and save the villages.