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Teeth decays are coming towards yours and you must protect them using toothpaste, shooting at them in Dentist Defense. Everybody knows that it's very important to keep them clean with a toothbrush and also flossing after a good meal. If you don't, there's a great chance you'll get decays, plaque and tartar, not to mention the possibility of losing your teeth due to lack of hygiene. Prevent your beautiful teeth from rotting using special towers that shoot endless toothpaste, some even with poison effects that will consume your enemies little by little. Killing them will give you both money to buy more towers and Mana to use special powers like mouthwash liquid and super tooth heroes. Stop procrastinating and go protect your mouth right now by playing the game! Use your arrow keys to navigate through the big mouth map, click and drag the towers to place them, make the wave come faster if you want and store mana for the big powers.