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Marty McBlast is a great Platform game fast paced mixed with shooting game and XP levels. Earn XP to buy upgrades for your guns. Futuristic action game.

Capability to save/reload all your game ( options -> save -> copy paste encoded string into notepad, reload it from anywhere).

Fast scrollings
Many guns and cool upgrades as soon as you get more XP points ( like in Zelda2, or FF3 ).
Players specs increase as you buy more things into shops ( like in Tonyhawk proskating game ).
Lifes bars appear on top of monsters and player head like in StreetFighter 2
Level editor including along with user community made levels
Music/graphics/level design cool. You can swin you can climb tiled slopes jump shoot run and collect as much gold coins as possible.
Shops and XP mechanism make players comeback to the game.

Grizzly made 10.000.000 hits, a similar game with no guns and not really nice design... hopefully this one might do even more.

This is a follow of Barney, multi millions hits game that was hudge success.

Grizzly Adventure, multi millions hit

Androkids, sponsored by KING (Candy Crush)