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  • Underwater expanses
  • Yummy Ice Cream Globes
  • Solitude Metro Escape
  • Kids Beach Restaurant
  • Soul Shift
  • Christmas CakeDecoration
  • Emo Sweat Fashion
  • Hajj Souvenir
  • Sophie Dental Care
  • Piratos

  • Snowy Trails Jigsaw Puzzle
  • European Flag Slider
  • Frenzy Hotel
  • Spank Beauty Booty
  • Puppet Doll Supreme
  • Madeline Hatter Makeover
  • Park in the Punkyard
  • Police Interceptor
  • Earn To Shop
  • Xtreme Hill Racer
Two marshmallow friends with different abilities are going into journey through the forest. Help them pass all levels, there are many dangerous traps, mind breaking puzzles and lot of joy!